Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Lets You Know If Your Site Gets Defaced/Hacked


Though this may not be news worthy, when it is done by an Indian government body, it sure is something to take note of. We generally admonish the lax attitude of government when it comes to addressing online security issues, but here is an example which may show that they are slowly changing ways and becoming serious about online threats and hackers.

Last Saturday I saw a Facebook message posted by Gourav Jain that caught my eye. The message was in regards to some website that got hacked. Gaurav posted the screenshot of the entire email he received from Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Here is the screenshot of the letter received by him.


CERT sending you an email, that too personalized to a point where they mention details of the website that got hacked, the IP address where the sites was hosted and also the name of the hacker group must be lauded.

What is more heartening to see is, that they not only informed the owner of the website proactively, they also requested for server and DB logs so that they could analyze how the defacement/hacking occurred and probably understand the presence/address the vulnerability.

The mail also provided various security guidelines to be followed so as to restrict future hacking attempts.

I am personally glad that CERT is giving due importance to menace of hacking and defacements of websites in India. After all, we have some of the highest rates of malware infected websites in the world, which probably open doors to such hacking attempts.

What is your take?

  1. Aditya Dey says

    I think at least its a start….so we should encourage it by passing the words….thanks indeed for sharing it….Have you personally tested it yet?? What are your evaluations on it??

  2. Satish Kandukuri says

    I don’t think its not news worthy. These are the baby steps that our government / agencies should tread toward. How often do we encounter that Govt is working for you unsolicited ? :)

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