Most people think if you’re in the fashion industry, you’re either a model or a fashion designer. Welcome to the real world guys. This industry employs thousands of talented individuals who have very nuanced job profiles.

It’s time we debunked the myth ‘You have to be good looking or gay to be in fashion.’ Here are the top 5 hot jobs of fashion that will make you sought after.


Merchandiser / Buyer

Have you ever ‘window shopped’? We bet you have. Have you ever wondered what makes all of us window shop? Merchandising is the process that goes behind setting up these displays at malls and shops to attract buyers. Have you ever noticed that even a chain of stores (franchisees) will have different stocks in every suburb or city? That’s because a fashion merchandiser will decide which locality stocks what, how much and when. They also send feedback to the designers about what sells on the floors and what doesn’t. Yes, a fashion buyer’s aesthetic could make or break a brand.

Fashion Photographer

As stylish as it is made out to be, being a fashion photographer is a lot of hard work guys. Waiting on shoots endlessly, handling model tantrums, setting up lights, post processing prints, dealing with assistants is a part of the rigmarole for a fashion photographer. They’re the people who make models look ultra glamorous in magazines, websites, billboards, catalogs, and much more.

Show Choreographer / Coordinators

If you see a person scurrying around the venue of a runway with a notepad in their hand and headphones over their ears, yelling out orders randomly, they have to be the show choreographers or the event coordinators. Imagine what a massive task it is to make sure that the fashion show has perfect lighting, ushers in place, backstage issues sorted, models walking up on time and so on. It’s pure headache. But if you enjoy this stuff, it can be the best job in the world.


Are you confused between who is a fashion designer and who is a fashion stylist? Well, a designer’s job is done once the clothes are ready for the model to wear. But the stylist’s job begins right after that. Working closely with the fashion photographer or director, a stylist brings a creative vision to reality. They work on everything from the accessories the model will wear, the backdrop of the shoot, location scouting, makeup and props for the model and so on. The photographer visualizes what he/she wants, the stylist makes it a reality.

Fashion Journalists / Writers

It’s exceedingly important for fashion houses to promote their merchandise through print, TV and online resources, isn’t it? Who do you think is going to make that happen? Great fashion writers and journalists! From giving great saleable content, marketing campaigns and trusted reviews for websites to magazines to TV commercials to newspapers, fashion journalists play a critical role. Who’s going to buy a dress if it isn’t written about?

As you can figure, most of these fashion related jobs need either acquired or inborn skills to coordinate, juggle, deal with people and make on-your-feet judgments. If that’s what gets your adrenaline pumping, start figuring out how you’ll enter the mega industry that fashion is today.

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