Entrepreneurship Lessons from Kaun Banega Crorepati !

Quiz show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ (KBC) is already into its 5th edition this year. This underscores the degree of success this reality show has met with Indian audiences. While some have attributed the success of the show to its clear set up, others have single-handedly credited its blockbuster success to its humble host Amitabh Bachchan.

However, we’re here not to debate as to what sent the TRPs of this decade old show to sky high levels. We’re here to take lessons from the positives of the show and apply it in our routine business environment and human resource development fieldimagesOnly 1 out of 10 makes it to the top

Foremost lesson from KBC show is that only 1 or 2 contestants get opportunity to graduate from the ‘Fastest Finger First’ level to the grand ‘Hot Seat’. Remaining contestants are reduced to being a spectator of the show, after initial hype of warm welcome and introduction by the show’s host Big B. However, the real fame and glory comes only if you succeed in reaching the hot seat.

Similarly, in business, not all start-ups get to succeed at a single go for their way to glory. Agreed, even luck plays its role to move higher up the ladder; but luck also needs to be coupled with personal efforts and technical know-how.

Repetition is the reality of life

Even wondered as to why do Amitabh Bachchan has to repeat the rules of the game for every new contestant on the hot seat? Most of us watch this quiz show since almost a decade now, and are almost fully aware about the rules and regulations of the game. However, as a formality the host has to provide a brief summary of the rules to all new contestants, even thought in brief.

Similarly, most business dealings and operations are repetitive in nature. Money is also made from boring, repetitive jobs day in and day out. And, when you get to deal with your work out of the way, borns the inevitable part of satisfaction mixed with pleasure – the innovation.

Being humble keeps you grounded

Over here, we’re speaking specifically about the host of the show – Amitabh Bachchan. We all know how big a superstar he is in the world of Bollywood movies, yet the humbleness that he depicts in his interaction with the audience and contestants is what attracts us most to watch this reality show.

The way he supports the chair of the contestants while they’re seated, the way he makes contestants comfortable on the hot seat and equally the way he offers extra aid to the handicapped contestants during their stint on the hot seat, is praised by one and all watching the show on the small screen.

Similarly, an entrepreneur should maintain his composure and state of mind while dealing with his employees and customers in any form of business. A humble businessman should never feel embarrassed in completing the pending work of his subordinates, if need be. A humble personnel placed at higher hierarchy would always treat his employees as stakeholders of his business, and not his slave.

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