Wipro’s Q2 net profits came in at Rs.1301 crore, up 1.2% from Rs.1285 crore in the September-end quarter a year ago. Wipro is among the last large-cap IT companies to come out with its second quarter results announcement this year.

The revenues of the flagship IT services business of the company arrived at Rs.6829 crore, up 19% from the corresponding quarter last fiscal year. Wipro has also forecasted its third-quarter revenues of $1.50 billion to $1.53 billion from its outsourcing and IT services business.


Overall, the results were in line with expectations; but profits came in a bit higher than analyst’s expectations on the back of weaker rupee and increased spending by overseas clients. Wipro is also involved in businesses of soaps and consumer care products apart from IT outsourcing operations.

Having said that, almost three-quarters of Wipro’s total revenues come from its bread and butter IT services business. Wipro’s total revenues came in at Rs.9094 crore, up 18% from the year ago period.

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