Samsung unveiled its latest smartphone running on the new Android 4.0 operating system, also popularly known as Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which runs on 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. The smartphone comes with new Face Unlock feature that will unlock your phone with a smile.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0 Smartphone


The next generation phone also come with Voice typing feature that allows text to appear based on your voice input by way of keyboard microphone. Expectedly, the new Samsung’s Android phone has inbuilt Google+ social media platform to enable you to hangout with your friends.

Galaxy Nexus is coupled with high-end camera with zero shutter-bug and automatic focus to latch on to panoramic pictures. Its 4.6” vibrant display provides edge-to-edge 720p screen high-definition pictures and videos. Here are latest pictures of Galaxy Nesus:

Galaxy Nexus Single-Motion Panoramic Camera


Galaxy Nexus Android Beam


Galaxy Nexus Face Unlock


Galaxy Nexus Google+


Galaxy Nexus Voice Typing


Galaxy Nexus High-Definition Display


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