We are tired of the clichéd advice of family and friends who ask students to become aspiring doctors, engineers or lawyers. Teaching as a profession has gained popularity in the last decade. And by the Way, it is just not for Sixth Pay Commission – know that!

So, why should you be a teacher? Let’s see it can be a great profession for you.

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Teaching is extremely satisfying

There is no greater satisfaction than the feeling that you get for passing down knowledge. Teachers love the fact that their teachings will be engraved in the minds of the students for life. Are you the person who likes to dole out wisdom to people in your day to day life? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction when you teach someone how to go about doing something? If yes, you may want to consider Teaching as a profession.

Teaching is a journey to educate yourself

We love this fact about the teaching profession. No matter how much you know, you will need to continuously educate and update yourself. Your students will expect you to know everything. And more interestingly, you will learn a lot from your students.

Teaching is a peaceful profession

Weekly targets, monthly targets, KPIs, sales targets, monthly growth, quarterly results, sales performance and much more. If these terms that are not your cup of tea, we suggest that you stay away from the corporate sector and most other industries. You will be bombarded with these terms day and night. Not to undermine it, but Teaching is not as cut throat as your typical banking, finance or manufacturing sectors. If you are looking for a peaceful and a good work-life balance, teaching is the way to go.

Teaching is a rewarding profession

Did you think that Teachers receive a compensation which is lower than other industries? Get on with the times! The universities are out there to make money (especially the private ones) and they spare no means to rope in great educators. This is where your expertise and skills as a teacher comes in. Teachers these days can avail attractive salary packages if they work with the right institutions.

You will build friends for life

Your student will be your student until they graduate. But after they’ve got wings of their own, they will remember you as a father/mother figure in their lives. You will share a great connection with your students as they mature and grow older. If the thought of this feeling excites you, Teaching may be your calling.

Unlike other professions, teaching is much more than ‘just a job’. Besides from work, it will demand your heart and soul. If these top 5 reasons touch a chord in your heart, explore the options to get into the teaching profession today.

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