Microsoft’s Mango update with feature-packed Windows Phone 7.5 has been rolled out in India. Mango’s initial release dates back to a year-ago period with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, which brought in expanded mobile platform with more than 500 new features, and APIs, but was a drag when it came to multi-tasking.


The Windows Phone 7.5 would enable new features such as customized ring tones, new speech commands, linked inboxes, MS office with cloud integration, group social networking, photo tagging, enhanced browsing experience and improved live tiles.

Moreover, the new Windows Phone 7.5 update comes with hundreds of improvement and new feature, providing better user experience compared with other smartphone interface. Under the Mango update, the regular icon has been taken over by dynamic Live Tiles.

While the new Windows Phone 7.5 refresh is aimed to update most of the Windows Phone customers, it could be a few weeks before an update message appears on your phone.

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