2014 Prime Ministerial Candidate – Rahul Gandhi vs. Narendra Modi

A speculation is gaining momentum as to who will be the Prime Ministerial candidate for India in 2014 election – Narendra Modi of BJP vs. Rahul Gandhi of Congress. News channels have already indulged in hosting analysis on the next prime ministerial candidate on their primetime shows to catch higher TRPs.

Narendra Modi

After a spate of political muddling, the battle of politics has now zeroed down to the Youth Leaders to take the centre stage in order to provide the country with the zing of next generation leadership. Moreover, the Gujarat Chief Minister is in news of late on account of his token three-day fast for the peace and development of the state.

Modi has been instrumental in Gujarat’s development since last many years. He has been credited with attracting investment opportunities worth thousands of crores through his initiative of Vibrant Gujarat investment summit, which has been dubbed as the deal-making jamboree of India largely attracting corporate groups to pledge staggering investments.

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