Amongst English daily, Times of India tops the Indian Readership Survey for 2011-Q2 with a readership of 74.71 lakh, followed by Hindustan Times (37.37 lakh), The Hindu (20.77 lakh), The Telegraph (12.09 lakh) and Deccan Chronicle (10.88 lakh) forming Top 5 list of English dailies of the country.

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The Hindu witnessed a marginal drop in readership from 20.95 lakh during 2011-Q1 to 20.77 lakh in the second quarter of 2011, other English dailies recorded a marginal surge in their readership in line with their Q1 numbers.

My favorite English business daily Economic Times came in at a far-flung 7th spot with 7.85 lakh readers. Mumbai Mirror saw drop in readership from 7.80 lakh in first quarter of the year to 7.58 lakh in the second quarter.

Amongst English Magazines, India Today topped the list with 17.24 lakh readers, followed by Readers Digest (9.98 lakh), General Knowledge Today (9.77 lakh), Competition Success Review (6.54 lakh) and Outlook (4.56 lakh) forming list of Top 5 English magazine by readership data.

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