Dark Clouds Loom Over Twitter As Two More Top Executives Quit!

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It looks like Twitter still has a few days of turmoil left in its quota as two of its top executives have now quit the company due to different reasons.

In September last year, Twitter shut down its development centre in Bengaluru laying off all its developers. And now its Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Jeffrey Siminoff is leaving the company by the end of this month. The last top-level departure from Twitter was that of its CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) Renee Atwood.

Atwood joined Twitter in August last year after spending more than two and a half years at Uber as its Global Head of People & Places. She has now left the company due to personal reasons, as reported by TechCrunch on Tuesday.

Siminoff, who joined Twitter in December 2015 also left on his own accord. The same was communicated in note sent to Twitter employees by the CEO, Jack Dorsey. Siminoff was earlier working with Apple as its Director of Worldwide Inclusion & Diversity.

What’s Happening At Twitter?

Twitter is going through a rough patch. Recently its advertising revenue has fallen significantly tanking its shares by 10%. The microblogging website has been struggling to find a formula for boosting its user base and revenue even as the advertising industry is booming on its competitor platforms.

Questions are being raised about the leadership style of Jack Dorsey as the company is struggling for its revenue growth. However, he told the media that the company is investing in machine learning and searching for new ways to engage advertisers.

The company is going through one of its major overhaul in its history under the current CEO as many top-level executives have left the company in the recent past.

Twitter’s Editorial Director Karen Wickre and Shariq Rizvi, announced their departure in late 2016. Both these executives helped build the direct response ad teams at Twitter. The company also faced the exit of its CTO Adam Messinger in December 2016 followed by Josh McFarland, VP Products. Adam Bain, then COO, announced his departure plan in November 2016.

“It will take time to show the results we all want to see, and we’re moving forward aggressively. The whole world is watching Twitter,” said Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

In order to revive the company and for winning the trust of investors, Dorsey has brought in two new board members. It will be too early to comment whether it is working or not, but we will know about it soon enough.

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