Haldiram Makes More Money Than McDonalds and Dominos!


The food industry and the beauty industries are recession immune industries and seem to outdo each other every time. But one has to accept that the appeal of food is far more. Most of the Indian dining patterns have changed dramatically. More number of Indians eat out atleast 8 times in a month reveals a recent study conducted on the changing eating patterns of the Indian customers.
But what comes as a sweet surprise is that even after the advent of the Italian pizza and American burger, we Indians still seem more fond about the Indian snacks like samosas, kachoris, vada pav, gol gappas and other traditional Indian sweets. The most sought after name in this industry is Haldiram’s.

In a recent news, Hadliram’s revenue is Rs.3900 cr which is more than the sum revenue of Domino’s (ie Rs. 1733 cr) and MacDonald’s (ie. 1390 cr). The recent news also shares the revenue of Maggi and that stands at Rs.1200 cr. The market share of Haldiram’s has remained quite the same at 40% of the total Indian snacks industry of Rs.5500 cr. Haldiram’s is based in Nagpur Maharashtra. Many sources reason out the big revenue being the result of being the most favorite Indian snack brand overseas. The Haldiram’s products are sold in more than 10 countries like United States, Australia, France, Middle East, Canada etc.

As Haldiram’s was set up in 1937 by Gangabisenji Agrawal, the brand has been there in the market since the time we had Britishers snacking on it. The wide variety of foods available ranges from bhel, bhujia, sev, ice cream, sweets, sherbet, to namkeens etc. Indian snacks seem to have garnered a lot of appreciation and the sales, many say are triggered by the non-Indians in foreign lands.

The brand is very old and like wine, it seems to have gotten better even after the family disputes. The snack chain has many direct outlets across India and if one notices, Haldiram’s has stopped advertising. The Word of mouth publicity has always been their goodwill bearer for the veteran snacks maker. The branded Indian snacks segment just comprises of 15% and the majority of that 15% is captured by Haldiram’s. However the foreign players like Frito Lay, Kurkure have a decent share in that 15% but both combined can’t beat Haldiram’s.

“Contrary to many consumer company founders who have taken an exit route in the last few years, we are more interested in building and preserving the business for the next generation,”, says Kamal Agarwal, the fourth generation founding member.

Just a few years back Saif tossed up a smacky masala crunchy potato wafer called Lays and said, “No one can eat just one!” Bet it just turned out that no one can forget Haldiram’s once he eats the variety of snacks that they have available other than potato chips!

[This post has been authored by Vaishnavi Kanekal]

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