In addition to the Indian case, Delhi woman who was allegedly raped by Uber driver now plans to file a case against Uber in the U.S.

Uber Case

A Delhi based woman who has accused a Uber taxi driver of raping her in December has now gone unto hiring a very high-profile New York attorney to look into whether she can sue Uber in the U.S. The smartphone taxi service company that has its headquarters in San Francisco has drivers in 53 countries.

“The woman has come to me in contemplation of filing a case in the United States,” said attorney Douglas Wigdor. “It’s something that has been in discussion in the last couple of weeks,” Wigdor continued. Wigdor had represented Nafissatou Diallo, the hotel maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then managing director of the International Monetary Fund, of assaulting her in a New York hotel room. There were rumours later of the case having been settled $6 million.

The woman had lodged a complaint with the Delhi police last month stating that the Uber driver sexually assaulted her when she took a cab home from south Delhi. She had fallen asleep during the ride, and on waking up, she realized that she was being headed to a location unknown, after which she was allegedly raped by the driver. A New Delhi court on Tuesday charged Shiv Kumar Yadav with rape, kidnapping, and intimidation. He went on trial in Delhi on Thursday and pleaded not guilty to the fore mentioned charges. The prosecutor, Atul Shrivastavais, said the alleged victim identified Yadav in court. Uber has been banned in New Delhi following the charges, the company raised an apology for the same and also added more safety measures.

The woman, besides the case lodged in India, wants to pursue one in the U.S. too on Uber, to ensure that the company stresses more on the screenings and background checks of its drivers, to ensure safety in the near future.

Attorney Wigdor said, “The acts that led to the damage, the negligent acts, come from Uber policies in the United States.” The accused driver had previous criminal records and was already facing charges for another alleged sexual assault that took place in 2013. In the last few weeks, two Uber drivers in Chicago have also been charged for having sexually assaulted passengers.

The unidentified woman’s attorney is examining all possibilities of having the US court to exercise jurisdiction in the case as there is substantial body of case law to suggest the court would consider doing so as the company laws are U.S made.

Wigdor who is all praises for the woman’s bravery stated, “I can confirm that I have been retained by the young lady who was raped by an Uber driver in Delhi, India, last December. Having met extensively with her and her family while in Delhi, I can only compliment them for their bravery and fortitude during this very difficult time. We will use all of our resources to vindicate my client’s rights, hold those responsible for their actions and ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”

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