Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech Stirs The Country With Patriotism

For most of the years till now, Independence day had it’s significance for many things including patriotism. Independence day was about parades and flag hoisting and half day in school, gathering around the flag to sing the national anthem in college and a day to run incomplete errands and enjoy a nice afternoon siesta once you start working.

Sleeping in this morning and waking up to “Vande mataram” felt different, hearing the Honorable PM Modi’s speech from the Lal Kila had more meaning and less advertisements. Walking past the road, seeing little kids waving flags at each other was amusing, seeing flags adorning royal Enfields riding around was a great sight but overall the life around had already woken up to the independence day spirit.

What actually caught the day as one of the most memorable one was the PM’s speech. The speech was clever but genuine, pricking but also touching, rational yet inspirational. Modi’s focus was on all those key issues that have been dormant and issues we just scrapped in our heads because talking out loud hasn’t helped.

Modi appeared in a white traditional suit with an orange and green colored turban completing his I day look. Looking as confidant as ever, he unlike his predecessors delivered the speech out of his memory. He braved the life threats that hovered around the news media by presenting his speech without a bullet-proof podium.


The key highlights in the speech were as follows

RAPES. It’s that truth we want to be deaf and dumb to. The recent cases that have surfaced are heart pricking ones and just knowing about it makes you skeptical, not to mention the victim and their family’s pain. Modi’s view on the same was a message to the whole nation when he asked why elders abstain from questioning boys and are hell bent on knowing their daughter’s whereabouts. He also mentioned how this has to stop and the importance of the girl child.

COME, MAKE IN INDIA. Modi propagated the idea of “sell anywhere but manufacture here”. It was his call to the youth to set up industries to manufacture here instead of importing from elsewhere. He insisted on making products having zero effect to the environment and zero defect in the quality. The “0 effect-0 defect” theory was put forward very well.

MODEL VILLAGE. Modi urged the state governments to create one model village. It is true that once one village starts getting laurels for being an ideal one, the surrounding villages will follow the lead. He emphasized on the importance of the lush green countryside. He also pointed about cleansing our environment and focusing on the cleanliness. He also mentioned setting up toilets in every school is his priority.

PLANNING COMMISSION TO GO. Modi bid adieu to the Planning Commission. Unexpected but a good move. He pointed at the futility of reshaping the existing wing and instead set up a new improvised institution. The focus now will be on creating a new institution with new changes, Modi said.

SERVICE vs JOB. Modi uplifted the value of government employees. He urged people working for the government to raise above low selfishness and serve the country for the better. The crowd burst into a thunderous applause when he said people working for the government are providing service unlike private jobs.

PRADHAN SEVAK . Concluding the speech he said, “You work 12 hours, I’ll work 13 hours. I’m not Pradhan Mantri, I’m your Pradhan Sevak” Acting like a tagline to the PM, the words seemed to be the perfect way to conclude the speech.

Unlike his predecessors I day speech, Modi’s speech seemed to be a cut above the rest. Families gushing in early in the morning, just to see the man deliver a speech was quite a sight. What was a mere routine every Independence day, Modi kept his speech precise and connected to his listeners. Hoping for the India Swami Vivekananda dreamt of, Modi signed off leaving an impression with the audience.

It’s India celebrating her 68th Independence day. Jai Hind!

[This article is authored by Vaishnavi Kanekal]

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