Everyone loves discounts! It is one of the primary reason for success for online e-retailers. The discounts offered online are almost always higher than what is given by the offline ones. Electronic items and books have especially benefitted with this. Flipkart’s growth can be credited to its great discounts.

There are times when a person likes a thing in a mall and then finds its cost online and buys from there. With Amazon entering the market, the stakes have increased with better services like one day delivery & Kirana Store pickups being thrown into the mix as well.

Amazon has introduced an additional concept of Happy Hours on their site. For people who have abstained from alcohol and people who drink, happy hours is a concept of a few hours in restaurant or bar when the price of the drinks are heavily lowered (50% or so). This is achieved by either reducing the cost or mostly by giving two drinks at the price of one.

On a similar fashion, Amazon offers heavy discounts on selected products for a period of time (7 pm to 8 pm). This is not an everyday thing but I have seen it more than once and it seems a thing of semi permanence on the site as of now.

AMazon Happy Hours

Coming to discounts, my apologies for being vain but if I am attracted to discounts, I consider it a good discount. This comes from my background of Maths; I usually have a good grasp of how much the discount actually helps me. Also, being an avid window shopper online (both Flipkart and Amazon are in my Chrome’s home screen), I am updated on the prices on offer in other portal.

The prices during happy hours are usually better than what you might find anywhere else. The products are however limited and if you are late and the product is particularly lucrative (iPod shuffle at 51%-actual being 20%), you might miss out and find yourself in the waitlist. As far as I could see, the prices were around 10-20% lower than what they are usually selling at. Do not be deceived by numbers like 50% as most of the times they are on MRP.

To Amazon, this offers two advantages-

  1. People will be tempted to subscribe to Amazon’s mails.
  2. People shifting to Amazon from other services like Flipkart.

I do not know if Flipkart is coming up with something like this or if they already have something like this on offer (I have not seen it) but Amazon is making the competition sweat and stretch with its approach.

So, next time you are going to shop on Amazon, look out for those “Happy Hours”, it may save you some bucks!

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