Uttarakhand has been at the unfortunate end of the nature’s wrath lately. The floods have caused destruction of a proportion rarely seen.

Every entity in the country right now is trying to aid the state in this distress and Google is not behind as well. Recently, they launched a People finder tool and now they have launched a Crisis Map of the state of Uttarakhand.

This Map shows following information:

  • Areas impacted by floods.
  • Relief centers and shelters.
  • Medical centers.
  • Road closure information.


According to Jayanth Mysore (Senior Product Manager, Google) this is preliminary version with more information added in future. The data is being aggregated and users are being urged to add to the information already available. Any information can be send to [email protected]. The idea is that this real-time information will help the responding agencies as well as the people affected by the disaster.

Earlier, Google had also activated its People Finder tool by which you could search information regarding anyone you know who might be affected by this tragedy. The tool has two parts- If you want to search someone or if you have information regarding someone. This is a collaboration of information that can help the people find their near and dear ones. Google had also launched its people’s tool earlier after Boston Blasts last year, when Japan was hit by an earth quake in 2011 and after Haiti’s earthquake in 2010.

people finder

Hopefully, these information tools will help the victims and the relief agencies in whatever way they can. Please contribute if you have any information as well.


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