Micromax is an Indian firm that decided to take on all the Goliath’s in the mobile world. There is one thing that separates the giants from the regular mobile companies. This is brand name.

The success of any smartphone maker is a direct proportional to the number of brands it has created for its products.

For example, Sony has a well-established brand in Xperia. The brand was so well known among the people that when Sony separated from Ericsson they kept the brand name. All the Android phones by Sony are by default an Xperia phone. In fact, right now, Sony does not even make any other phones hence making Xperia their default brand, period.

Let’s take another company in this respect- HTC. The company makes only smartphones. Yet, they realize the importance of a brand and they are focusing on making HTC One a brand in itself.

Samsung perhaps symbolizes this perfectly- their Galaxy brand is for Android. But then, this has three fractions- S series, Note series and the rest. Samsung has successfully divided its main brand into three sub brand and no wonder they are currently sitting at the helm of the Android success.


These examples show that Micromax has done this quite nicely. Canvas series is well known and more than that, Canvas series phone by Micromax is waited for.

When they launched Canvas A116, it sold out within ours and has been a great success overall. Though, I am skeptical about Canvas 3D by Micromax, I still noticed it and so did other people. Therein lays the biggest success of any brand name.

Now, Micromax has yet to launch its next phone but its specifications are being discussed and the next Micromax Canvas phone (named A120) is awaited. There is no price and the specifications might be sketchy (Sulekha seems pretty confident for specs though) but it is being discussed how the phone will beat others out of the competition and what it should be priced at.

This phone is high end (better than A116 obviously) and if gets the same success as A116 might propel Micromax into the big leagues. What do you think about this?

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