Steve Jobs has become the most iconic personality in the Tech arena. He not just created a successful company. He created a brand that transcends Geos and above all created an aura of immunity that will not be touched anytime soon.

I am of course not talking about just the Apple I or Macintosh. These were great developments of course but the fact that he became a CEO of a company on the verge of bankruptcy and turned it into the most valuable company in the world is something that in my opinion is his greatest accomplishment.

Since his death, many biographies have cropped up in the world who want to explain his life and his ways. In the future, many more will come up, movies will pop up about his life. One of them has already released and another one in the pipeline. It is extremely ironical that both these movies star actors who are primarily comedian- Justin Long and Ashton Kutcher. While the one with Ashton Kutcher is going to hit the theatre, the one with Justin Long is on the web.

iSteve movie

It is created by the people at website – Funny or Die. The protagonist (Steve Jobs, duh!) is played by Justin Long. For those who do not know who Justin Long is- He is the guy who played Mac in the (in)famous Mac vs. PC commercials by Apple. This make for a very funny scene when Justin Long (as Steve Jobs) is looking for Mac(Justin Long) for his Ad.

While this movie is full of inaccuracies (The Indian in the movie is Asian) and should not be considered a serious biography but it is fun to watch. The movie is full of pace and shows the crux of all the relationships that Steven Jobs had and his relationship with Steve Wozniak is adorable. Also, it is just 78 minutes long end to end.

Watching the movie is free as well (Just the streaming bandwidth) and I would recommend anyone who wants to know about Steve Jobs in a quick hour or maybe someone who already knows about him and just wants to see his life with a little light heart.

Along with showing life of Jobs, this movie shows the growing trend of internet gaining similar quality of content as Movies and TV.

For the serious ones, many movies will come in the future on theatres.

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