Your resume, is you on a paper. Do you realize that? It is basically your whole professional life summarized in a page or two. So it is vital that you write the most appropriate and effective resume. Here are the top 5 mistakes that most of us making while writing the oh-so-important resume.


Don’t Ramble

We know that you are trying to impress your prospective employer but don’t go on and on and on while writing a job description or an achievement.

Most of the times, it is best to keep everything clear, short and precise. Would you like it if the employee you were interviewing gave you a 5 page resume to read?

As a manager, would you have the time to read all that? Of course not! We suggest that you follow the tried and tested rule of KISS here.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Don’t use too much Jargon

So, do you think it is impressive to use technical jargon in your resume? We think it is. But it is import to limit the use of jargon.

Your prospective employer will be happy to see technical jargon in your resume but overuse of acronyms and short forms should be avoided. The idea is to keep the reader interested, not confused.

Don’t use a Picture

We know that you are mirror cracking material, but really, that is not going to affect the prospects of you being selected for a role unless you are applying to be a model, an actor or an anchor.

Good looks do not necessarily mean good brains. Industry experts suggest that professional managers like to interview and hire professional people.

The way you dress, walk and talk will definitely affect your interview, but a picture on the resume is not necessary.

Don’t make Spelling Mistakes

Have you just finished making your resume? Have you checked it for spelling and grammar mistakes? We suggest that you check it again, double and triple check it. After you’ve done that, go and ask a friend to check it.

The point is to remove all possible spelling mistakes because that is the least you can do while making a professional resume.

Can you imagine what the prospective employer will think if you have a spelling mistake on your resume? "He can’t spot and fix spelling mistakes on his own resume. How will he spot mistakes in the office?"

Don’t use Friends as References

Have you put your best friend at your previous job down as a reference because you think they’ll say good things about you?

We suggest that you avoid this practice and give the most senior colleague as reference, of course, after their approval.

This is important because your senior colleague will be able to deal with a reference call more professionally and effectively because they will have done that in the past.

Whether you are a fresher, switching jobs or simply rewriting your resume, keep these top 5 tips in mind for a great kick start to your career.

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