On 15th March, means 2 days from now, the newest God of War shall be in my hands. There are few things that can excite me as much as playing this game. I am a big fan of Video games and God of War shares the opt slots along with Age of Mythology and Age of Empires, Mario, Need for Speed and Fifa.

God of War

For those of you who do not know God of War franchise is a set of games littered around various platforms. There are in all 7 games out of which two are for PS2, two for PSP, one for Java based handsets and two for the PS3.

The story of course is in continuation (prequels and sequels all around) and Sony did a wonderful thing by bringing all the major ones together for PS3. Hence, anyone owning a PS3 can play in all six games (except the JAVA one which is the black sheep of the family anyway). The sixth one or the latest is launched recently, in fact, this week only.

Now, I will not give you a review of the games as being a fan I am biased. The game is basically a hack-n-slash third person game but it is one of the best in its class. Other game that is similar is Devil May Cry series. In my opinion God of War 2 is the best game in the series though the third one has a darker undertone and best graphics. (The third one is native HD while others are recreated in HD for PS3).

This game is to PS3 in many regards what Halo series is to XBOX console.

I am one of the people who bought the console itself to play this game and while it may sound stupid, gamer’s choice of console depends on the games that are exclusive to the console. Maybe, I will write an article on a gamer’s mind someday. I am not a big fan of FPS games (Please don’t hate me for that) but Third Person games are my favorite. Be it Assassin’s Creed or Mario or God of War.

So, all who have PS3 and have not yet played God of War, shame on you and start playing it instantly. Rest of them, please book your title as it is going to be flying of the shelves.

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