Mobile World Conference is over and let me take one of the topics that took my fancy in the event.

Mozilla was in the MWC and not for its famed browser. Browsers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. They are transforming akin to cartoon characters in Pokemon into something better, bigger and more comprehensive.

Firefox OS

The trend started off with Google pushing Chrome OS for PC. In mobile, the baton is in Mozilla’s hand. Firefox OS started some time back as a project by Mozilla to bring open source, HTML5 based OS to the market. With the specification for Android increasing with each iteration the focus of Firefox OS is the low-end phones and the new markets.

While the phones are still far from market (late 2013 or early 2014), makers seem interested in the OS itself. Five companies have already shown interest in the OS- Alcatel, ZTE, Huawei, LG and Sony.

It seems logical too. While Android has been a great success it has not been so in equality. In fact, Samsung seems to be the biggest gainer (and in some markets the only gainer) from the Android burst. In such a scenario, companies would love to have an OS which can provide a wider range. And in the countries where there is still a large number of people yet to shift from feature phones to smartphones, a less costlier alternative would be a great option.

While Firefox OS may not be able to dethrone Android, it surely would be considered a success if it gets enough traction to attract most of the mobile manufacturers. Also, if it doesn’t face any legal issues, it could become the go to OS for new and thriving mobile manufacturers (Micromax, Lava anyone).

Till now, it seems the world is interested in Mozilla’s OS.

There is one big issue though. This will be the second turf where Mozilla will fight Google (its main funder). I hope Google’s ‘do no evil’ policy sustains else we might find Mozilla on Kickstarter soon enough.

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