It’s official. PS4 will be launched this year. Now that the fear of apocalypse of 2012 is gone, console companies decided to rev up the market.

It is over half a decade since the older generation of consoles arrived in the market and with Wii U already launched, it was kind of expected that this year we should see the next-gen PS4 and XBOX 720. Now, we hear some official news about the PS4. Not as much as we would want to know (nothing on the pricing or exact launch date) but still enough to make our mind about the console itself.


First thing, PS4 is better than PS3 in every respect. The hardware inside is far better than the previous Playstation and there is a better focus on streaming and media services (which Sony being a media company should have been the first thing actually, duh!). The controller (Dual Shock 4) has a touchpad and share button. Sony is realizing the importance of touch and social in a person’s life now.

All in all, the console is an update form the 2006 born PS3. The problem is- Nothing killer seems to be inside this rig to throw away my PS3 and go after it. And yes, the PS4 is backward incompatible and therefore the games you have collected over the years with all the love are going to become useless once the new console comes to your house.

To be honest, there is no reason worth saying you cannot do it. Backward compatibility should be higher on the priority list (at least for the last console). This is just bad faith and leeching out of the consumer that loves your products. You can always make better games to take a gamer’s money.

The PS4 does not seem to have a Kinect like product as well which means that there is nothing over the top exciting in the iteration of the PlayStation (as of yet!).

If this would have been 2006, the console would have been an instant hit. But that was before Android and iPhone had captured the whole world. The era was when there were no Million-dollar companies thriving on making games for less than 5” screens. That was a time when a $100 console was unimaginable. Now, you can read an article about USD99 console in the making.

In the bygone era without such competition it came third in a race of three (argument can be made for second). In today’s situation, has Sony done everything to create a console worthy of the users that are adopting to $0.99 games.

If sales of Wii U are any signal, it hasn’t. Rest, time will tell.

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