One of the ways that people earn money online is by writing blogs and many of them have been very successful at that. They write interesting and engaging articles, attract readers and make money by displaying PPC ads (Pay Per Click ads) or by promoting and selling affiliate products.

But, what about people who are not good at writing articles or do not have knowledge or the kind of money required to start any other online business?

And also for those who do not want to invest a lot on other businesses. What can they do to earn money online?

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As I mentioned above, one of the ways to make money online is by selling affiliate products, but wait “don’t you need a blog for that?”

Actually you don’t, there is another way where you do not even have to write a blog to sell affiliate products. Ask me how?

I will start of by giving you an example:

One of the websites that I love most when it comes to selling affiliate products is I just stumbled upon this website sometime back and was really impressed with the website and the idea behind it. I am sure most of you would know about how thisiswhyimbroke operates;

It does not have any articles or any extended reviews on products. All it does is showcase unique affiliates products from all across the internet world, that you might otherwise come to know very rarely, Ex: Neon umbrellas, Flying radio control shark, Batman Snuggie blanket or even something like an $18,000 Fighter Spaceship Bed.

Note: They are not selling the usual cameras, computers, clothes & accessories ……You got my point right? People visit this website because they know they will find all those unique products in one single place

So the main aspects that we need to consider here is the sort of business module they have.

  1. They are not selling any of their own products.
  2. As it is, they are not investing anything into buying the products and being worried about not being able to sell it. They just make money as a referral.
  3. You don’t have to worry about shipping the product to the customer.
  4. They are just showcasing the affiliate products and if someone has to buy, they click the link and enter the brand website and buy the product there. So you don’t even have to set up any payment checkout and worry about spending money on it, getting a merchant account or worry about customers credit/debit card security.
  5. This also means that you are not investing a lot to set up this business. All you would need is the usual stuff related to setting up a website, like- Domain, design and hosting, which as we know will not cost us much.
  6. So as your investment is less, return on your investment is more.

Few Tips to set up this online business

Website Design:

  • Website design plays a very vital role in setting up a good affiliate products selling website. Here you are not just providing free information as on a blog but you are asking your visitors to buy based on the products that you have showcased. So this would mean that your website should look authentic in every aspect if you expect your readers to buy any products- Even though you are just showcasing them and actually are not asking your customers to provide “you” with the payment information.
  • Having a very simple yet elegant look is the right way to go. If you are thinking about a flashy look, then please don’t! “Flashy look” simply makes your website look like a scam.
  • You do not need any coding knowledge, but if you have that’s even better. You can use a CMS platform like WordPress and choose a theme. There are multiple themes made specifically for sites selling only affiliate products so choose the one which provides easy navigation.
  • In case if you want, you can even get a site designed by website builders and should not cost you more than 5k to 6k INR for a pretty good one.

Choose the Right Company:

  • Just for the sake of making money you do not want to promote a company which has a bad reputation or is considered a scam. You will lose reputation and trust in no time.
  • Choose companies who have good reviews about their product, customer service, and shipping and also with customer’s payment security.
  • Check how easy is it for you to get paid from them; after all you are starting this business to make money. So check how often they make payments and what payment methods do they have?

Finally, Choose the right products:

  • Choose the right products which can attract the visitor and turn them into customers
  • Like mentioned above (thisiswhyimbroke) unique products will have less competition and more attraction.
  • Its always good to start off by selling products which cost less. Once the trust and reputation of the website increases you can start selling products which cost more.

Was this article helpful? Or do you have any suggestions to make? Then please let me know by commenting. Thank you!

[About Author: This guest post has been written by Balaji G S, founder of, a website dedicated to provide tips and ideas related to business, entrepreneurship and investment. You can follow me on twitter at @cazmoen.]

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