There are two services that are in wide use right now – One is social grouping aka facebook, twitter, foursquare et al. The other service is Zomato, Snapdeal or Bookmyshow. People prefer to use these two services a lot in context to use of internet. Be it booking of a show ticket, finding a new restaurant, these services come into place and of course you can connect them to facebook to make the whole thing social.

Nowfloats brings something different to the plate. The idea is that a thought just does not have a time variable but its value depends on the place where the thought was expressed. The concept is simple-

Every thought (or a status update in facebook language) is not just assigned a time but also a place. It will only be visible in that place. This thought then is given a shelf life of 7 days. After which this thought will stop being existing. The shelf life increases if anyone floats the thought or comments on it and it floats for even more time. Alternatively, someone can sink your thought as well.

So, if anyone is in that place and he opens is NowFloats he can see other people’s thoughts that were when they were in that place. Not all the thoughts, just related to that place. Also, various deals in the neighbourhood are shown as well. You can also float a picture instead of a single thought which with the cameras in each phone are very useful.


It is intuitive for most parts. The view is pleasing and simple swiping is all that is needed. There is an option to set the size of area of which you want to see the thoughts off. The thoughts are present in bubble format and as they are associated with location more than the person, it’s what is said that is more important than who said it.

It needs a constant GPS connection which means that battery will be an issue for most Android phones. The app cannot even be opened if GPS is off.

It would have been good if there was an option to assign the place and at least an option to read thoughts of people in an area by selecting the region.

For example, if I want to go somewhere I would rather read the thoughts floating there before hand than on reaching there. It might open new uses for NowFloats.

My take:

The concept of a thought’s value at a particular place is excellent and very useful. As users for this app grow, more thoughts and importantly more relevant thoughts will float around and this will add to its value. Like any social-activity based app it needs people to make it useful. According to me, it is worthy of giving a thorough try.

Give it a spin and let us know what you think!

[This post has been contributed by Kunal Prakash]

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