With Google Maps on iOS, what happens to Apple Maps now?

As was expected, Google Maps has come to Apple’s iPhone and as expected it is the top app on the iTunes Appstore. People are flocking towards it like it is the solution to world’s entire problems. Maybe, it is a solution in Apple world. None of this was unexpected to be honest. Apple maps got such bad reputation and such heat that people were wishing, nay, praying for Google to launch maps.


Google Maps

The app itself is a huge improvement over the earlier app that came by default in the previous iterations of iPhones. In a way, losing out gave Google the incentive to improve themselves.

They must have been fighting to regain the position in Apple ecosystem. Luckily for them, Apple helped! Vector Graphics make the app easy to load and also, the directions are pretty accurate. Also, feedback system is really simple and just by shaking one can share his or her feedback with Google. Nice and East! Of course, the app is free.

All in all, as expected, Google came back with a bang and the fact that people were in dire need made this entrance all the more dramatic. Something like the entrance of a Bollywood hero in the climax to save the day.

What about Apple Maps from here?

Apple maps are based on user data. It means that the more it is used, the better it gets. Google Maps followed the similar tactic and after almost 7 years of running alone they have an app that is sturdy and reliable. Apple Maps do not have that luxury. Not just the fact that they not the only option, there are two major problems.

  1. People have used Google Maps so are already comfortable using it.
  2. Apple screwed up and already got a bad rep.

If they would have added it along with Google Maps, people would not have been stuck with it and except for some bad reviews it would have quietly passed along. Also, people would have accepted the half-baked cookie if there was a Google pie for them after. People might even have voluntarily used it if Apple asked them to help the ‘beta’.

Instead, they shoved it down people’s unwilling throat and lost their faith.

Even the biggest Apple fan boys would not go back to Apple Maps now. Thus, it would just gather dust while people avoid it. Unfortunately, it cannot improve if people do not use it. Apple is indeed stuck in a catch-22 situation here.

Worst of all, people might not use it even if it does somehow magically improve. Apple has always been trustworthy about its products. They might sell niche but they had quality of the highest grade. With Apple Maps, they lost a little bit of that credibility and trust.

Personally, I don’t think Apple Maps can rise from the grave it dug itself into!

[This post has been written by Kunal Prakash]

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