I am glad to be living in this era. In the near future, everything will be available online, people would not know the difference between paying a bill online and offline. The long lines would be a hypothetical thing. But not for me! For me, it is a transition phase. I am seeing new technologies growing, start-ups coming with new ideas.

A few years back when Flipkart was just beginning people were skeptical how it would work and was it trustworthy. Flipkart persevered and now, there are a plethora of similar sites that are selling and are quite successful.

According to me, the main growth that India will witness in future are the niche vertical e-commerce sites – those that specialize in one area and are good at it. Yes, there will be multi-category ecommerce sites like Flipkart, Jabong, Yebhi, Myntra and others – But this space will remain with 5 or 6 big players.

I recently came across one such niche site, who specialize in just one vertical and that is lightings (and home decor). The e-commerce site in question is Bulbtiger.com


The main products in their catalogue are Lights, Fans, Decorative lighting etc.

Usual Online shopping services focus on books, electronics, apparels, gadgets and mobile; Bulbtiger is focused on home decor and this is something I really am happy about. This serves two purposes for BulbTiger.

One, it makes them stand out of the usual competition and second, it opens up the market for a new type of clientele. As people’s trust increases in online shopping, these type of things will become more useful and over a period of time the number of users should increase.

The interface is simple enough for anyone who has ever shopped online to use and the website also looks attractive and not cluttered. The products are neatly tabulated which is very essential as there are a thousand types of lights (from CFL to show lights) and finding one among many becomes a herculean task otherwise. Also, the last tab is according to rooms which is in my opinion a perfect approach to the items on sale.

There are options to order on phone which is something very nice (human contact increases trust) and is supposed to be used for Bulk orders as well. The option of Cash on Delivery is now a de facto in India and is obviously available.

I did spend some time on the site and overall my experience was quite pleasant, however, there were some things I liked while few I did not…

The Good

  1. Photo zooms on mouse hovering.
  2. The checkout process similar to Flipkart so users using it would feel right at home.
  3. The tabulation is good and hence searching is easy.



The Bads

  1. I could not find the remove out of stock products and only found out about it when I clicked on it.
  2. A lot of products were out of stock. I guess they will come in due time or maybe it was just my taste.

We are now ushering into a new age where people live in flats and work at odd (all) hours. In such a scenario, online shopping comes to the rescue and with more items coming up on sale and people relying on them BulbTiger has a real chance to become a leader in this area. Right now, probably only ebay might have the same inventory, ebay is not a shopping site but a platform.

Only time will tell if BulbTiger capitalizes on its first mover advantage. So, if you are looking at illuminating your house, try out bulbtiger, and let us know what you feel.

[This post has been written by Kunal Prakash]

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