I had a very varied experience recently. I went to a hill station after a long time. I do not know that Kasauli comprises a hill station or not but it is on a mountain and needs allows trekking.

It was after a long time that I was in a place that showed the Mobile signals weakening to a nought. I observed that as expected airtel was showing better signals but others were not far behind, even BSNL. Sporadically, the signals on most phones were lost though.


What amazed me as well was that BSNL’s EVDO which is their CDMA internet connection was running remarkably well.

This is surprising because it has sometimes failed me in the city so seeing it run smoothly there was a confusing surprise. BSNL’s reach in far-fetched places though is good (rather good enough) and this was maybe a proof of that.

3G though, was absent. Now, it can be said that 3G is a new technology and expecting it in hills or villages is foolish but I expect! 3G is no more a new technology.

We have 4G (LTE for the technically sound people) in some circles. 3G is being adopted quite well. The quality of internet on 3G is also not bad.

In other words, our carriers know how to deliver 3G. In which case, it is just choice that makes them not deploy it in such places. EDGE was present. There can be excuses, maybe good ones, but I do not think except financial issue there is any other problem.

Logistically, if 2G can be sent then so can 3G or 4G in future. 3G’s adoption is growing and people who use 3G are capable of affording frequent travels to such places. I went to the hilly areas in the north. Someone might go to the Western Ghats or some person might just be travelling from one city to another. If there are no signals then there should be signals of course.

But if there are signals then I strongly believe that now, 3G should be the de facto internet that should be observed.

It is only this way that internet can truly be deployed in India. As I have already said, we are not going to be using wired internet much anyways. Mobile is India’s way of using internet. With WiFi tethering it has become more useful in that regard as well. 4G has started its journey into people’s phone and hopefully will become an important part in the coming years. Adoption is increasing and it is bound to go that way.

In such a scenario it should be prudent for the companies to increase their 3G reach and making it the base line.

[This guest post is written by Kunal Prakash]

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