5 things only a Mumbai insider can tell you about living in the city

What can you possible say about Mumbai that hasn’t been said before? Practically nothing. Except the fact that you will have lots of small knick knacks about your city in your head. Things that only an insider can tell. Do you want to know what that is? Check out 5 interesting things about the city that only an insider can tell you.


1) Offer a return fare if you’re traveling late at night

This works very well for people who often come back home past midnight. If you’ve just got off the train, and not a single auto or taxi is willing to carry you across a short distance, use this trick. Tell them you will pay them double the amount (locally called a ‘return fare’) of the meter. This is the best way to get them rolling! Remember, your safety is more important.

2) It will rain when you don’t carry an umbrella

You may think that this applies anywhere in the world, but in Mumbai, this Murphy’s law somehow tends to play up a lot. Come June/ July and you must discreetly stack a foldable umbrella in your bag. Don’t undermine the clouds of Mumbai – even an extremely sunny day can end up in a thunderstorm.

3) Keep an extra set of clothes and a few personal toiletries everywhere

You thought we were saying this only for the monsoons? No way guys. Ask any Mumbaikar and he/she will tell you how you have to prepared for anything to happen anytime. It could be a flash flood, train breakdown, a bandh, a religious procession, a strike, riots, bomb blasts – add anything else you can think of to this list. You’ll be safe if you keep an extra set of clothes at your office or a relative living close by.

4) A ticket of Rs. 20 on a BEST bus is a secret wonder

Whether you’re sightseeing in Mumbai or traveling within the city for work, spending hundreds of rupees on taking cabs and autos is not the best idea (unless you’re billing your company of course!) Most people don’t know this but a twenty rupee bus ticket purchased at one go will allow you to take any bus across Mumbai without buying separate tickets each time. Isn’t that a great way to explore the city?

5) Great shopping

The best shopping in Mumbai doesn’t happen in malls. If you’re going to Mumbai to buy Gucci or Prada, you’re making a very wrong decision. Try exploring local markets like Chor Bazaar, Bhendi Bazaar, Crawford Market, Bhuleshwar, Coloba Causeway, Dadar Market and so on. In the Coloba precinct, you’ll find some amazing boutiques, if you’re ready to shell out some extra pennies. The great steals and bargains that you will find at these local markets will be priceless.

You’re pretty much armed with some of the most insider tips to live like a pro local in the city now. Roam around in Mumbai care free!

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