After a steep slowdown in September industrial output growth at 1.9% and a sharp de-growth in October IIP data by 5.1%; its all cheers for India’s November industrial production figures which stood at a rosy 5.9%, led by rebound in the manufacturing output during the month.

IIP Data from Aug-Nov 2011


 IIP Index Growth

August 2011


September 2011


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November 2011



While the Manufacturing sector, which contributes almost two-thirds of the overall IIP index, had declined by 6% in the previous month; the manufacturing output grew by a smart 6.6% during November, propping up the IIP index along with it.

On the other hand, Mining sector for the period under review grew at -4.4% as compared to a lower -7.2% de-growth logged in October 2011. Electricity growth for November surprised with its double-digit growth rate of 14.6% versus 5.6% a month ago.

Another positive indicator in the IIP index constituent was the performance of the Capital Goods sector, which almost nullified its hefty October growth loss at -25.5% by turning up with narrower -4.6 de-growth rate in November.

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