5 Indians Who Made It Big At Google!


$50 billion revenues in 2012; $250 billion market capitalization; 54000 employees all over the world; 1 billion search queries in a day; 900,000 servers scattered all around the world (using 0.01% of global electricity!) and $790 worth of each stock.. Google is huge.

Hailed as world’s number 1 search engine and most probably the greatest Internet Company ever created on Earth, everyone knows Google and Google know everyone (pun intended).

In some countries, Internet and Web is synonym with Google; such is the impact that this simple search engine has on people.

Very few people would be aware that an Indian named Ram Shriram was one of the early investors in Google when it was still struggling with its algorithm.

As of 2007, Shriram owned 1.7 million shares of Google (Google share price are currently just shy of USD 800).

Vinod Khosla, the famous serial Indian investor also invested in Google during early stages and helped the new search engine to prosper.

Besides these, there are quite a few Indians working in Google at top management positions, who are creating the new rules of engagement and driving the company towards growth and development.

Here are 5 Indians who are at the top of heap at Google!

Nikesh Arora – Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer

Nikesh Arora

Nikesh Arora is rumored to be second highest paid executive within Google. Last year, he was in news for accepting a payout of $4.7 million and a bonus of $3.3 million.

He is famous for building Google’s European operations and establishing the advertisement empire in that continent. During 2009, he was appointed as Google’s Head of Ad Sales (global).

You can find more information about Nikesh here.

Sundar Pichai – Google Android Chief


Sundar was the guy who introduced Google Chrome to the whole world. He managed and collaborated the development of several Google Apps including Google Maps and Google Drive (formerly Google Docs).

As of now, he is the global in-charge of all developments related to Android and is working as Google Android Chief. You can click here to get more information about Sundar.

Amit Singhal – Senior Vice President and Google Fellow


Fortune has hailed him as one of the smartest people in the tech world. Hailing from Jhansi, India, he is now serving as Senior Vice President and head of Google’s core search ranking team. Those who are into SEO, they must be aware of Amit’s quick and fast blogs related to search engine updates. For more information about Amit, please visit here.

Vic Gundotra – Senior Vice President and Engineering (behind Google+)


GigaOm calls him the Social Czar at Google. Previously with Microsoft, Vic is now working as Senior Vice President for engineering works within Google. He is the man behind Google+, the new social media site from Google.

His engineering team is working behind several cutting edge technological innovations such as Google Gadgets, Google Gears, OpenSocial and more. He is partly responsible for the removal of Google Reader!

You can find more information about Vic here.

Krishna Bharat – Principle Scientist (behind Google news)

Krishna Barat

An IIT Madras pass out and Phd from Georgia Tech University, USA, Krishna is the person behind immensely popular Google News.

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Krishna had this idea of Google News which he immediately implemented and is now Google third most visited section after Gmail and Google+.

He also helped with the establishment of Google’s Research and Development Center in Bangalore. You can find more information about Krishna here.

For complete list of all Google management team, please visit official the Google’s website and discover more Indians working at Google.

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