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eBay: Is it the new Palika Bazaar?

Today’s guest post is written by, Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO of Indiagames, who also recently started a new venture called Sweat And Blood Venture Group – an early stage startup investment fund. The age of the Internet has thrown…

The age of Viral Videos

Today’s guest post is written by Krishnakumar - fondly called KK - CEO of one of the well known digital media agency based in Mumbai. While I was having a chat with him last week, he mentioned that most of the corporates have been…

Will India adopt open source now?

How can an average Indian afford a $200 Windows XP operating system? The answer is, he cannot. The solution is piracy. Did I get that wrong? Maybe. But, that is what is happening to the operating system market in India (worldwide too). The…
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