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Top 10 Indian businesswomen of 2011!

The number of influential women in Indian business is increasing by the score. Whether it is in the media, banking sector, education, manufacturing or financial services, it is difficult to ignore the presence of businesswoman in India.…

Why Walmart may fail in India?

Well though their is no denying facts that FDI in Retail will benefit everyone, but if tomorrow  Wal-Mart comes into Indian direct retailing, will it succeed? Let us not forget that Wal-Mart is already in India in JV with Bharti in…

Cyber Attacks in India [in Numbers]

Even as Internet population in India has crossed 100 million, cyber crimes are on the rise. There are many kinds of cyber crimes - Phishing attacks, Identity Theft, Website hacking, creating Trojans / viruses (among others) all amount to…
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