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Used car business in India

Research suggests that buying a used car would save you a lot of money. Better yet running a car for longer years could save you even more money. When it comes to cars before we can start a discussion on used vs new something else comes up.…

After air car, its time for water Car

Most of you may have heard about the Air Car that has been in much news over last year, thanks to the Tata backing the project. If you read the comments on my earlier post on air car, you would find many people have reservations about the…

Maruti Suzuki A-Star launched

Maruti Suzuki has conceived and designed A-star in India. This car would be manufactured only in India and exported to the rest of the world. A-Start is a 5 door hatchback priced between 3.47 lakh and 4.12 lakh. Powered by a 998 cc engine,…
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