Weekly Wrap-up: Smartphone for Blind, Google / Apple Results & more…


It’s Monday morning and time for our quick weekly wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts that were published on Trak.in last week.Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

So what do you think are the common traits of an entrepreneur? They are different from lot, they are not normal. Here are 9 Unmistakable Symptoms of an Entrepreneur!

You will be amazed at the amount of information is collected about you and your habit when you browse the internet. Here are things you should know about your privacy on the web.

An Indian named Sumit Dagar is on quest to create world’s first smartphone that could be easily used by Blind and visually impaired people. Here are the pictures and Video of Sumit talking about his project.

Last week Google announced its Quarterly results and as expected they saw big jump in profits. Nearly 94 percent of their revenues came from PPC advertising.

Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched in India on April 26th 2013, priced at Rs. 41,500. The article looks at whether this phone is a worthwhile buy or whether you would be better off with Note?

Google Chrome has become a go-to-browser for millions of users across the web. Here are 7 Must-Have Chrome Apps and extensions for Content Writers and Information Junkies!

AndroidGuruz is a consortium of about 50 Chinese mobile brand manufactured created by Zopo Mobiles that will offer warranty and servicing to Chinese Smartphones and Mobiles. Will this consortium change the way we perceive Chinese Smartphones?

Nokia last week announced launch of its new Qwerty phone Asha 210 which carries a dedicated whatsapp button. While everyone is now focusing on Smartphones, Nokia is still augmenting its feature phones stable.

Reliance Communications, third largest telecom operator in India announced “Free Twitter Access pack” that will allow all its GSM mobile subscribers to access Twitter for 3 months without incurring any data charges.

The next era of innovation will be beyond mobile phones – Here are a few examples of technological advancements in other electronic equipment that we can look forward to in future.

Google Play store has now listed 32GB version of Google Nexus 7 in India, however there are couple of things quite perplexing about the launch. It is not listed directly on play store and this launch simultaneous to offline launch is quite confusing.

How do you come up with prices for digital products – There are no thumb rules or straight forward calculations. Here are 2 factors you must consider while pricing your digital products.

Apple announced their quarterly results, and though their revenues are up, net profits have fallen for the first time. Apple’s lack of innovation is obviously hurting them, and investors are not taking this situation too kindly as well!

Samsung has now gone past Nokia in terms of volume of Mobile Phones sold in India to become company with largest Market Share. Nokia has a tough road ahead to get back to its former glory.

Swype, a keyboard for Android phones, has finally come out of beta after more than 3 years since launch and it has added some great features which includes support for 4 Indian languages – Urdu, Tamil, Hindi and Hinglish!

There are tremendous opportunities online when it comes to language translations and localized language content. While some startups are already doing quite well, this vertical has lot of opportunities yet unexplored by entrepreneurs.

The flagship phones from Samsung and HTC launched last week – Galaxy S4 and HTC One – in very similar price range. The post compares both the models and see which one of both may lead the race!

Groupon India has forged a partnership with Tata owned Croma Retail (electronics retail chain) to sell gadgets in India at exclusive rates and heavy discounts.

Google has revised its Play Store Apps update policy, which comes as a big blow to apps like Facebook Home. We dedicated our Trak.in Toon for that purpose.

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