Weekly Wrap-up: Online Marketplace Failure, iPhone 4 Sales in India & More…


It’s Monday morning and time for a quick wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts that were published on Trak.in last week.

Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

Samsung has beaten Nokia big time in last few years – They have captured the market. But, interestingly Samsung did not win by making better phones than Nokia. They made right phones and introduced them at right time!

India is known to be a Technology hub of the world – However, is it the reality? Here are some of the reasons you need to think twice before calling India a Technology hub.

There is an age-old conflict between a programmer and a marketer. Here is a marketers point of view of 6 Things Every Programmer Should Know about them!

Cloud Services are now talked to death, however, many Indian Businesses still dread moving to cloud offerings. Here are 4 bullet proof reasons why they should make a switch to cloud now!

So which Indian Ecommerce site do you think performs the best on Social Media platforms? Did you think it was Flipkart? While in certain cases that is true, when it comes to overall score, Its Myntra who are the winners!

Nexus is a great idea from Google. It gave people the iPhone-esque experience for Android. But there are some things I want Google to implement in their future nexus phones.

IIT JEE last year introduced computer based exams. While the advantages of taking computer based exams are many, Indian students still fear taking competitive exams in digital format.

Cleartrip has introduced a much needed feature on their portal – A fully online Flight rescheduling and cancellation feature. No more long phone calls and frustrating experiences on phone with customer support guys!

Indian eCommerce space is currently seeing rise of online marketplaces – Flipkart being the latest one to join the bandwagon. But, the picture is not all that rosy. Here is why Online Marketplaces may fail in India.

Apple is on a big marketing spree in India – In last couple of months they have come up with some innovative schemes to woo Indian consumers. And it has paid off, with iPhone 4 sales in India having skyrocketed!

Are you a startup? Are you spending time hiring a PR firm to do the job of getting the message across to the world or are you spending time building relations? The latter will hold in good stead for the reasons stated!

PC sales are on decline for past few quarters, does that mean PCs are going to grave? No… There are many reasons which say that PC will not see the grave so soon!

Piracy is not good, but the same companies who say they lost billions of dollars due to piracy, would probably not have existed if not for piracy. Infact, Linux would have been OS of choice if not for piracy!

Facebook has gone mainstream and it has started affecting every aspect of our life…including influencing us on how we vote for our Politicians… No doubt the political parties have to look at Social Media vote bank seriously to win elections!

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