Weekly Wrap-up: Indian Mobile Market, TV Market, Gaming market & more…


Here is a look at some of the top stories that were published on trak.in last week.


As far as Indian economy went, 2012 witnessed one of the slowest growth years in over a decade, however, things are looking better and most analysts & experts have commented that GDP growth will be much better in 2013. However, the slowdown has taken a toll on the business confidence.

Here is a look at how Indian mobile market fared in 2012, especially online. The article looks at what mobiles were bought online, which brands were popular and which went off the radar.

Government has come out with a announcement that experience personnel can now earn an engineering and MBA degree via distance learning. The AICTE, the apex body behind professional courses announced that it may also bring some other professional courses for distance learning education.

We published an interested infographic last week developed by Viacess-Orca that gives you a peek into the current size of Indian Television Market as well as the tremendous future growth opportunities that exist.

In last couple of years Smartphones have grown in every way, be it the hardware or software. The current smartphones boast quad-core processors and screen resolutions comparable to PCs. The question to ask is, what more features could be crammed into smartphones?

After a long wait, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 have been launched in India, however, the price point at which they are introduced was a big disappointment for consumers.

Our Trak.in toon last week had nothing to do with our general business and technology theme. It was our small protest against the condemnable comments made by Asaram Bapu on Delhi rape victim. What if Asaram Bapu had written Ramayana!

The biggest electronics show in the world, CES 2013, concluded yesterday. Every mobile and electronic company makes a beeline to this event apart from few exceptions. But does CES really mean anything to consumers in this part of the world?

With NVidia’s launch of Project Shield, the handheld gaming market is on the cusp of a new era. There is no question that handheld gaming devices from Sony, Nintendo & others are staring at the end of the road!

Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), the body that assesses and approves the Foreign Investment proposals in India has cleared 14 FDI proposals worth Rs. 1310 crore.

According to a report recently published by IAMAI, out of 122 million active internet users in India, about 37% or nearly 45 million users prefer local language for accessing online content. The report also says that there is big dearth of local language content, and it is one of the biggest reasons, why some non-internet users are staying away from it.

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