How Technology Had Made Traveling So Easy!


I love traveling. If not for my love for numbers, I would have become a travel show host for sure. Who knows, it might still happen. I also belong to that class of people who have seen a visible impact of technology on how we travel. In many ways I am also one of the most benefited by this. The whole way of traveling has changed and as I recently went to a book shop I realized by how much.

There were numerous books on travel in the shop and as I picked up a book on a place I was thinking of visiting, I realized that most of the information that I found was available on internet as well.

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In fact, I decided to tear down the whole procedure before and after technology (a then and now kind of thing)


  1. Find out about that place. (Buy a book, ask a friend etc.)
  2. Check out the trains there in your railway book.
  3. Check out the availability of trains and seats. Or call you agent for flight booking.
  4. Call the hotels there to find out the status and book them as well.
  5. Go to railway station to buy a ticket.
  6. If not available then try for Tatkal. Again going to station.
  7. Once there, find a guide and a map and rely on such information to visit places.

Or one can get it done by a travel agent which is what most people would prefer to do in such a situation (But, that costs extra, isn’t it?).


  1. Open the Internet; check out that place on TripAdvisor (or similar website).
  2. Another tab on the side for Makemytrip or cleartrip or or the likes.
  3. Another tab for
  4. Check availability of hotel online and book as well.
  5. Book the ticket online.
  6. Open anything from Wikipedia to official website of that place and find everything from places to visit to places to eat.
  7. Once there, ‘Google maps’ is there to help you out, literally with everything!

Or you can also simply check out the special plans that the online travels sites have to offer.

‘Then’ is not just a multiple day process, it takes hard work in going from one place to another. Imagine someone living in a place like Greater Noida (No railway station or airport). Going to New Delhi Railway Station twice is equal to a trip in itself.

Now, with technology (read internet) in place the whole process is about an hour or two depending on your internet speed.

Aside from this, we can now get genuine reviews of the places to visit or stay and the probability of bad surprises has reduced to a minimum.

All because of Technology!

Add to that the greatest advantage – Mobile Phones.

Less than twenty years back people had to coordinate beforehand because there was no other way to communicate once you have started. If two parties are meeting at a common point and one got misdirected the whole thing became a mess. Now, the plans change on the fly and everyone can be kept updated.

Even people who were once used to the situation back then might find it hard to adjust to those things now that technology has permeated so thoroughly in our life.

In fact, I feel that the number of people traveling have increased manifolds because of this ease of traveling. Now, it is not a daunting task and even an old couple can plan the whole trip and travel alone to many places. Going abroad also has fewer hassles be it getting a passport (it can be applied online as well) or getting a whole package deal online at a good price.

Infact, the situation is such now that we take technology for granted. For once imagine, how would you have managed to travel, if internet was not at your disposal!

What do you think? What do you think has created the maximum impact in simplifying your traveling?

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    There’s an app for that ;)

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