Apple iOS7 UI Designers Recruited from Kindergarten? [ Toons]


Release of iOS7 was the talk of the online world yesterday. For the first time since iPhone was launched in 2007, iOS has got a major cosmetic overhaul. The reactions to the new look iOS7 have been quite mixed.

While some of the Apple fans have described it a great overhaul, many others have been extremely disappointed with it. Many are talking about the revamped iOS7 being heavily influenced (even copied) from Android.

However, one of the most talked about change has been that of icons on iOS7. They are starkly different in design and look from iOS6. The Verge aptly summarizes it by saying,

“The icons are the first sign that there are points of confusion and even missteps in Apple’s new approach. For starters, the icon styles vary wildly from app to app.”

With lots of flak coming in regarding the flat but absurd icon designs of iOS7, one really wonders what exactly happened to Apple’s oh-so-awesome designs? Here is what we think..


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