Airtel’s Rs. 1 Mobile Videos [ Toons]


If you are not already aware, Airtel has launched a new feature for their mobile subscribers where they can watch videos on their mobile only for one rupee.

Airtel has gone all out and has been advertising these 1 rupee mobile videos and to be honest some of them are quite hilarious though they don’t make any sense. The ads mostly show that Airtel subscribers show mobile videos instead of paying one rupees.

Here is our Toon dedicated to that!

Do let us know how you like these Toons. We would also love to know on what subjects would you like to see Toons made!

  1. santrhu says

    super offer

  2. Pradeep says

    Nice :)
    Toons on Funding.. false claims of users and valuation etc will be fun.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Aha… Good idea Pradeep… Let us come up with something in those regards…

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