CSK Thrashed…First Mumbai Police, then Mumbai Indians [Trak.in Toons]


We are slightly late on this, but better late then never!

Here is a Trak.in Toon on the Thrashing that CSK received this time around. First from Mumbai Police with betting/fixing scandal that implicates (someone who calls himself CSK Boss). That’s the off-field thrashing and as for on-field, you know it right… they got thrashed quite handily from the Mighty Mumbai Indians!


How glad am I that this fixed IPL is over!

  1. Altaf Rahman says

    Betting people should have conducted betting on the following :
    When the Police (Mumbai or otherwise, does not matter) will arrest CSK boss,
    When will they take him to Mumbai (for questioning), will they beat him during “questioning”
    When will they file a case, When will they produce him in court,
    What will judge do, How much time in jail etc.

    Just my two paisa :)

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