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Last updated: July 26, 2013 at 14:25 pm

Apple Posts Slowest YoY Growth Among Top 5 Global Smartphone Vendors!

When Apple announced their results couple of days back, it looked like Apple is still doing decently well. Infact, in India it registered a whooping 400 percent rise in iPhone sales. But if you compare Apple’s growth with other global smartphone vendor’s, Apple’s growth seems to have nose-dived.

According to IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Apple has grown the slowest amongst the Top 5 smartphone manufacturers. Apple’s growth rate was less than half of all the average growth rate posted by the Top 5 companies.

Global Smartphone Vendow Growth 2Q 2013

Lenovo and LG both registered triple digit growth, while Chinese smartphone giant ZTE registered 57.8 percent growth in smartphone shipments.

Samsung grew at a decent 43.9 percent but still lost their market share marginally as compared to 2012.

Smartphone Market Share Change (2Q-2012 Vs 2Q-2013)

Vendor 2Q13 Market Share 2Q12 Market Share
Samsung 30.4% 32.2%
Apple 13.1% 16.6%
LG 5.1% 3.7%
Lenovo 4.7% 3.1%
ZTE 4.2% 4.1%
Others 42.4% 40.2%

Apple’s market share came down by over 3.5 percentage points from 16.6 percent last year to 13.1 percent in 2013. Samsung also lost around 1.8 percent of its market share compared to previous year.

It is clear that Apple’s sheer dominance over the market is now fading – The rise of Chinese Android phones is also quite evident with “others” column, which basically has large number of Chinese (and to an extent Indian) smartphone vendors, gaining nearly 2.2 percent over last year.

Global Overall Mobile Market Share

According to IDC, Nokia was again the biggest looser when it came to overall mobile market share (which includes feature phones as well). Nokia lost nearly 27 percent as compared to last year. They shipped only 61.1 million mobile phones in 2nd quarter of 2013, as compared to 83.7 million units in the same quarter last year.

Samsung on the other hand grew its shipments by 16.3 percent. They shipped 113.4 million units this quarter as compared to 97.4 million last year.

Mobile Phone Market Share global IDC

Apart from Nokia, ZTE was the only vendor which shipped lesser mobile units than what it last year, though only marginal.

LG logged in highest growth in mobile unit shipments with 23.7 percent more units shipped in this quarter as compared to last year.

From the numbers, it is quite clear that Apple is now on a downhill, unless they come up with a new product that is revolutionary, the way iPhone or iPod or iPad was when they were launched. I have my doubts, if that will happen.

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