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Now that Kindle is here in all its glory (high end models), books and back-end technology, it is time to consider whether people should shift to Kindle to read their books or not. I have maintained that there is a shift towards e-books and this shift is only increasing with time.

There is of course piracy that might be the actual reason for this shift as people are able to find books at zero price but aside from that as well, there are book lovers who are buying the e-books to enjoy it on their devices.

There are multiple channels through which a person can buy e-books now. To start is of course Google Play which is now selling almost everything in India through its store. One can get good books from the Gutenberg project (all free).

Flipkart started selling books through its Flyte section but that is closed. And finally, there is Amazon that has launched in India its site and is now in full force with its Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire in India as well. Before, only the Basic Kindle was available in India.

Now, I am not saying that one should go instantly and buy a Kindle reader or tablet. The tablet (Kindle Fire) in my opinion is no different from the plethora of tablets out there and with the strides Android has made in the recent time, I would definitely suggest Nexus 7 over Kindle Fire. Also, there are multiple tablets at a cheaper price range (below Rs. 10k).

And Kindle has an app for Android and iOS to top that therefore making the process of buying a separate Kindle reader for anyone having an Android phone/tablet or iOS device. The question is why should a person who is happily using say, an Aldiko reader shift to Kindle?

There are three advantages out of which there is one that alone beats the competition single-handedly.

  1. Kindle works on more than one platform (PC, Android, iOS, Mac, Cloud).
  2. Amazon has the largest book collection (I have found all the books I wanted there which are not present with others)
  3. Whispersync

The first two are easy to understand. The third one is a technology of Amazon with which all the apps are synced together. This means that if you start reading a book on your laptop and then go to your phone, it will open at the page you last left on the laptop. This is a boon for people who use multiple devices to read books.


This also means you can read a book anywhere at any time (with Kindle Cloud reader) and not worry about whether you will have to find that page on your tablet.

It will be synced!

While it may not seem such a huge feature, its impact is visible as one starts using it. The reading becomes simple and one does not worry about which device to use while reading. To people who are avid readers this is a boon and suddenly even the phones become a viable reading instrument for short duration. Even if you read a chapter or two, you can always continue ahead with the rest on your computer or tablet.

There is one disadvantage to this though. Whispersync works best with the books that are bought from Amazon (obviously). The books that are not bought from Amazon can be synced only on the mobile apps and not on the cloud reader and PC (without hacking). They can be uploaded to the Kindle library though by sending them to the personal documents or using Calibre.

The advantage though of shifting from other readers to Kindle is far too high in my opinion. Even if you have a huge collection of books, they can be read in the Kindle app as good as other apps (and without any paid app features missing like other apps).

So, do you guys use more than one device to read your books? Is this feature good enough to shift from the already used apps by you? What is your favorite app in Android or iOS?

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