Intel launches a PC awareness campaign in India


India is considered the IT hub of the world and amidst all this it is quite easy to forget that in India there is a huge percentage of population that knows nothing about the computers. In fact, in all its glory, India is practically a tech illiterate country if we see the percentage of people who are adept at using computers.

Smartphones and Tablets have brought a lot of people closer to the technology but still people who can use the phone well look at the PC with apprehension and not without cause. Having not used it, people do not realize the importance of a PC in an individual’s life.

Here, I am not talking about programming or jobs related to software but simple things like storing photographs forever and using excel instead of pen and paper. And the amount of information Internet provides in immense and an invaluable resource.

But a large chunk of people are devoid of this opportunity and not all of them are poor, some are just unaware or ignorant.

Intel is launching a large scale campaign in India to change this.

PC awareness campaign-001

The company wants to promote the PC with the intention of informing the regular people how the computers can change their life.

This campaign was initially launched by Intel in collaboration with NASSCOM with plans to cover 1.8 million teachers, 2 million learners and higher education students in 2013. The campaign will comprise of print advertisements, out of home visibility, radio jingles and its on-ground experiential program called ‘My Discoveries’.

The campaign will cover over 40 cities in 10 states that include Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Intel is soon going to launch its next generation of processor family and would like the people to buy computers with an ‘Intel Inside’.

With the mobile computing gaining such momentum it is important for Intel to find new markets and clientele for its processors until it can get its foothold in the mobile market.

In any case, it is a campaign that will benefit both the parties as I believe that computers still are underutilized in India.

  1. Debranjan Dutta says

    Just like Mobile phones leapfrogged landlines completely and empowered poor people, Low cost tablets running on inexpensive Chinese ARM chips and open source Linux based OS derivatines such as Android or Tizen will do the same for Computers. Sorry Intel..your x86 architecture had a great run, but then so did the horse.

  2. nawa salman says

    Indian has always been the Asia TECH HUB, although after reading this i realized its not that at all. I mean if Intel is doing all these campaigns in India that mean they have high percentage of computer illiterates. I wonder all those teacher training them for such a brilliant cause. Intel You should come to their Neighbors and do some work for them as well. “PAKISTAN”.

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