Hard Disk Drives to Solid State Drives, will this be the year of transition?


The world has moved to mobile. It is true in a lot of ways. People are using their smartphones more rigorously than any other gadget and the tablets are gaining over laptops, slowly but surely. Even all the major events now revolve around the advancements in mobile. Of course this does not mean that PC is already dead. In fact, PC still has so many possibilities that can be explored.

Currently, PC is going on strong in Quad-core series with eight-cores along the corner. Soon enough we will have laptops that will have 8 GB RAM as standard. The 13” size is gaining popularity over other sizes because of its portability but other sizes will not be far behind.

What, though I think will be the crucial is not how fast the processors and RAMs are (they are important, mind you) but how fast the hard disks are going to be. They are where the Data is finally saved and from where the data is to be ultimately retrieved. The capacity of hard disks has been on a continuous rise since they dawned. Now, one can easily find a 500 GB hard disk in a laptop.

HDD vs SSD-001

They unfortunately are becoming bottleneck in the process of increasing capacity. The SSDs (Solid State Drives) are the solutions. They have 3 qualities that trump Hard disk drives-

  1. They are faster than Hard disk drives.
  2. They have no movable parts.
  3. They are lighter and more portable

Because they are faster than HDDs, they are better equipped to make the laptops faster. As we see in mobile devices, most of them are not even switched off and even when they are, it is faster and easier to start them. SSDs bring the same capability to Laptops.

Second is in my opinion, as important. SSDs have no movable parts. This means there is no scare of them getting scratched or any other problem while one is on the move. Perfect for portability!

Thirdly, SSDs are are much lighter than HDDs, that will make the machines having SSDs lighter and thereby more portable.

The deterrent that has been stalling the transition is as always the price. As it is a newer technology, its price is higher at the same capacity. Few laptops like Ultrabooks and Apple’s MacBook’s use SSD. The prices are going down though. Because of the increasing capacity of mobile phones and tablets, the technology is becoming main stream.

I feel that this year is very important for Laptop in general and in particular, the storage devices should see a big shift. Laptop makers are thinking of everything that can be done to stop the decline in sales. The first thing they should try is make them faster.

Replacing traditional Hard Disk Drives with Solid State Disks will be the quickest way!

What are your views on this?

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