Two Projects from Google that I am looking forward to


Google has always been a pioneer in bringing new technology to the front. It brought the search algorithm that improved the search to the extent that today Google has become synonymous with searching.

People wish there was something akin to Google in real life. From email to youtube to mobile phone, Google has an impact on everything that is on the net. With Android, this impact is furthering even more into the real world.

While there are many objectives in Google’s eyes and many items in its plate like the almost vaporware Nexus Q and the latest series of Motorola or Google’s current favorite child – Project Glass. There are two projects however that I am currently looking forward to most.

1. 1 Gbps Internet

Google Fibre

When Google decided to venture into this field it was laughed and scoffed at. The already present service providers even claimed that this was impossible. Google did it anyways. Kansas was the first city to get the high speed Fiber Optics internet from Google and now Austin has joined it as well.

The procedure of putting the entire infrastructure in place is slow and will take time. Many people might say that due to this, they might never get this from Google. Valid point but not why I feel it is important.

It is because of the impact it will have…

This is already not the fastest internet in the world. Sony has implemented ‘Nuro’ in Japan that is both faster and cheaper. Other ISPs have bumped up the speeds as well.

This is what in my opinion the true impact of Google. Like till chrome came, browser world was becoming lethargic but now even internet explorer wants frequent updates from Microsoft. Similarly, as Google opens up its wings, other companies will try to match it and it will be a win-win for the consumer.

Basically, Google is setting the benchmark higher and others will follow!

2. Driverless Cars

Driverless Car

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To be honest, I am fond of driving but I am a rare and dying breed. With so much traffic on the roads, people are no longer interested in it. Enter driverless cars by who else but Google.

While the giants like BMW and others are into the idea as well Google is ahead of them with the prototypes already completing over 500000 miles of driving with just one accident. This is far better than any human driving. Google is also in the condition to almost bring the technology in the market in next 3-5 years.

These technologies if succeed will give Google something it never had- Alternate source of revenue besides Advertisements.

These are both products that can sell on their own merit and Google need not sell them on discounts as well like the Nexus.

Also, with its deep pockets, Google can test and improve these technologies better and longer than others. And while I do not expect Google to bring these to India (I hope, but do not expect!) this should at least push other companies in India to improve their internet speeds and of course, the rich in India can always import the driverless car (if the law is passed in India to run them).

Who knows, maybe Micromax brings such car to India. Once the technology is out there, the uses always come out.

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