Give Ideas To Indian Railways, Win Rs 10 Lakh; Shatabdi Fares Will Be Reduced!

Last year, while they generated revenues of Rs 1,65,292 crore, their expenses were Rs 1.59 lakh crore.


Indian Railways Giving Prizes For Ideas

Do you have some stunning ideas, which can help Indian Railways to make more money, reduce expenses, and make their balance sheet green?

If yes, then you have a stand to win Rs 10 lakh as a prize from them!

We will soon tell you exactly how can do that.

In related news, Indian Railways has decided to lower the fares of Shatabdi Trains, finally.

Win Rs 10 Lakh Prize From Indian Railways!

Indian Railways boasts of 67,368 km of rail track; and runs 13,329 passenger services daily, which serve approximately 22 million passengers daily.

But still, they incur a massive loss.

Last year, while they generated revenues of Rs 1,65,292 crore, their expenses were Rs 1.59 lakh crore.

In order to increase their profits, and reduce their losses, Indian Railways has invited ideas from Indian citizens, and if the ideas are accepted, the sender stands to win prizes worth Rs 10 lakh.

This is how you can submit your awesome ideas to Indian Rail:

  • Step 1: Visit and click on “click to participate”  button
  • Step 2: Register yourself, and read the general guidelines for submitting your ideas.
  • Step 3: Write down your ideas and concepts in 1000 words, and prepare an abstract of 250 words in either English or Hindi.

Here is the breakdown of the format:

  • Ideas pertaining to value proposition to customers and concepts to enhance customer experience: 150 words
  • Compliance with boundary conditions: 250 words
  • The originality of proposed idea: 150 words
  • Project’s cost-effectiveness: 200 words
  • Possible constraints: 150 words

Here is the breakdown of the criteria, based on which the marks would be allocated, and prize winners would be decided:

  • The viability of project: 30% weightage
  • Revenue potential: 20% weightage
  • Customer convenience: 10% weightage
  • Scalability: 10% weightage
  • Cost-effectiveness: 10% weightage
  • Compliance with boundary conditions: 10% weightage
  • Detail orientation: 5% weightage
  • Quality of presentation: 5% weightage

May 19th, 6 PM is the final date and time for submitting your ideas. For any enquiry or doubt, you can email at [email protected].

Shatabdi Fares To Be Lowered, Finally!

After receiving flak over the dynamic pricing of Shatabdi trains and how it is ruining customer experience, Indian Railways has finally decided to lower fares.

As per incoming reports, fares on some low occupancy routes would be now lowered, and it is expected that once fares are lowered, ticket sale would increase.

In the past year, Indian Rail decided to lower fare on some routes, like New Delhi and Ajmer and Chennai-Mysore and witnessed an increase in ticket sales by 63%.

An official said,

“The move yielded positive results for us. What we did was we offered fares in these premium trains equivalent to bus fares plying on the particular stretch”

The direct impact on the reduced fares for Shatabdi Trains would be now analysed and used for determining fares on 100 new routes.

Do you think dynamic fares should be abolished altogether? Do let us know by commenting right here.

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  1. Syed naseer ahmed says

    In waste land near railway track build shop and small marriage hall gave for rent and railway station fix solar panal in the roof and rainy season rain collected in the roof

  2. Syed naseer ahmed says

    Fast idea waste land near railway line built shop or small marriage hall and gave to rent all caste and also use roof for solar panil for electricity and also use railway station for solar panil at the roof

  3. Tinhed says

    The dynamic fare stem is unfair. Why only 3A and 2A in this system ? If it is to be implemented, it should be across all classes and trains- else abolish this.

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