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Surprise! Jio Play Beats Netflix and Amazon; Hotstar on Top!


Jio Play, which was launched last year in September along with Jio’s telecom services, has become India’s 2nd largest on-demand entertainment app. This steep rise of Jio Play within 12 months is indeed an amazing case study to understand the impact of almost free Internet provided by Jio.

These numbers were revealed in the latest report on the performance of on-demand entertainment apps by App Annie.

And the surprising news: Hotstar is #1 in this category, as Netflix falls to #5.

App Genie Report For August: Hotstar At #1

The report highlights the fact that after the number of eyeballs watching TV has become less than those watching a smartphone’s screen, the rise of on-demand entertainment apps in India is amazing.

Add to it the factor of subsidized, sub-Rs5000 smartphones, and we have a massive audience of Internet savvy Indians, hungry for on-demand entertainment on the go.

Hotstar has emerged as India’s #1 entertainment app, as they dominated both the number of users and number of hours spent on the app.

Compared to August last year, Hotstar demonstrated 100% increase in user base: they have 67.5 million users right now, compared to 33 million last year in August.

On the same hand, hours spent on their app was 15,574 million minutes in August 2017, which is double of 4,739.8 million minutes last year in August.

Surprise Of The Year: Jio Play Beats Netflix!

But the biggest surprise in this report was the amazing rise of Jio Play within 12 months.

Netflix, which has revolutionized the concept of on-demand entertainment, and is the biggest player globally, has been humbled by Jio Play in India.

As per the report, Jio Play has, at the end of August, 45.46 million users, which is 4X that of Amazon Video, and 9X of Netflix.

On the other hand, the total number of minutes spent on Jio Play was 7642 million minutes in August, which was zero last year!

No doubt Netflix also managed to massively increase their user base, as they have 5.37 million users in August, 2017, compared to 2.56 million last year. Besides, the total number of hours spent on Netflix in August this year was 1,563.5 million minutes, which is 150% more compared to August 2016.

Interestingly, Amazon Video also experienced massive boost in both, number of users and total minutes spent. And, in both the counts, they have also beaten Netflix by a comfortable margin.

While Hotstar is free, it also comes with a Rs 199 subscription plan. Netflix charges Rs 700 per month and Amazon Video is bundled with Amazon Prime, which costs Rs 499 per year, but very soon is going to be Rs 999.

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