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Aadhaar Enrollment Only At Govt Premises; Private Operators Pulled Out!


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Ever since the concept of Aadhaar Card came into existence, Govt. had allowed entrepreneurs to set up ‘Aadhaar enrolment centres’ all across India, wherein Indian citizens can sign-up for Aadhaar.

These private enrollment centres were equipped with cameras, fingerprint scanning devices and other equipment to issue Aadhaar card.

But not anymore.

In a sweeping change, The Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI, the authority managing Aadhaar card expansion and execution in India, has asked all State Governments to undertake the responsibility of Aadhaar enrolment.

Does this mean that private Aadhaar enrolment centres are not out of business? More on this later.

Aadhaar Goes Out Of Private Players’ Control

Ajay Bhushan Pandey, the UIDAI CEO, has written to all State Governments to identify locations under Govt. supervision, which can be used as Aadhaar enrolment centres.

This means that Govt. buildings and premises such as block offices, taluk offices, district collectorates, Zilla Parishad offices, municipal offices etc would be now used as Aadhaar enrolment centres.

There are around 25,000 such private Aadhaar enrolment centers in India right now, and the plan is to bring them all under direct control of Govt.

As per the directive shared by UIDAI, every State Govt. must recruit their own operators, or take assistance from UIDAI’s empanelled enrolment agencies for implementing the same.

Latest by August 31, 2017, this shifting of Aadhaar enrolment centers to Govt. premises should be completed. By July 31st, 2017, State Govts need to identify such premises where Aadhaar enrolment can start.

Why UIDAI Took This Step?

As per available information, UIDAI observed that there were several issues related to Aadhaar enrolment by private companies.

Citizens couldn’t locate the premises, is one of the reasons. Besides, UIDAI received complaints about over-charging as well.

Pandey said, “There are times when people find it difficult to locate enrolment centres and many times they complain to us. Or they may go to a centre and find it closed. At times, there are complaints of overcharging,”

Interestingly, leakage of Aadhaar data by private enterprises (and Govt. websites as well) was not mentioned by UIDAI, as a reason for this massive step.

So, the private players who had opened Aadhaar enrolment centers, have now two options: Either submit themselves under Govt. control, by shifting their centers to Govt. premises, or close down.

UIDAI CEO said, “Private entrepreneurs will have to find supervised premises or they have to close down business.”

Do you think UIDAI will help the cause of Aadhaar expansion by this decision? Do let us know by commenting right here.

  1. Sumita biswas says

    UIDAI CEO said, “Private entrepreneurs will have to find supervised premises or they have to close down business.”

    Why private sector enrollment operator close there center ?
    Hear wright by UIDAI “UIDAI received complaints about over-charging as well ” But Hear not wrighted that why operater charged for enrollment. because many enrollment operator they are worked from 2year to 3 year and who though continue they all not get any Payment from UIDAI for Enrollment. Why UIDAI not Monitor this matter ?
    For that Operates take charge from people. Aadhaar kit price 90000/- laptop 30000/- printer 15000/- net and ele bill per month 1500/-. One Enrollment Operator Invest 1lak to 1.5 lak Money to Get a Aadhaar license and work then Why UIDAI Not Monitor this matter ? Many people thought this is a gov.t work and he invest to this and now he hear that “uidai say close down business.” When Aadhaar kit selling starte than where was UIDAI ? when Operators are Not Get There Payment than where was UIDAI? When many People Invest for Enrollment center then where war UIDAI? When All Operator Deposit Security Amount (30000/-,50000/-, 60000/- etc) then where was UIDAI?

    Now UIDAI Policy like Sarada Chitfund.

    Sarada chitfund, Directly get Public Money .
    UIDAI, firstly sell Aadhar kit for Enrollment and now told close your center .
    Sarada Chitfund, At first given Double money back to People.
    UIDAI, At first no trams and condition for applying enrollment center.

    UIDAI & SARADA Chitfund is a chit policy of GOV.t

    I want to know why UIDAI Make this Drama……?



  3. Chinky says

    It’s rubbish If it will work in government premises then it means it will be Closed on every 2nd 4 Saturday Sunday on national holiday then what is of use atlest in private sector we can go any time even on sunday Nd most people visite on Sunday bcz people Have time to visit only on Sunday

  4. Surendra Bal says

    Absolutely rubbish decesion. Govt office or block or taluk are most corrupted in India now. Taking such decesion will double the corruption. People will suffer like municipality office. UIDAI should check customers reviews regarding aadhar Enrollment Centre in google and decide accordingly. Not all Centres are corrupted. Have you ever googled to check the excellent service provided by CHIRAG CYBER CAFE in Bangalore?

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