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Last updated: April 27, 2017 at 12:49 pm

Reliance Jio Launches New Postpaid And Prepaid Plans. Here Is All You Need To Know!

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Reliance Jio has finally launched the regular tariff plans for its 4G subscribers after offering freebies for over 7 months under various promotional offers. The company has recently crossed 108 million subscribers mark and now wants 50% market share in India.

Jio has now revised some of its existing prepaid tariff plans while launching 3 new postpaid plans offering similar benefits as the prepaid plans.

Jio now offers 10 prepaid plans along with 3 postpaid plans. The prepaid plans start from Rs. 19 and go up to Rs. 9,999 valid for 420 days with the first recharge. Let us a detailed look at these newly launched plans by Reliance Jio:

Postpaid Plans

All postpaid plans are billed per cycle consisting of 30 days each. Each plan offers unlimited voice benefits, free roaming, unlimited SMS, free subscription to Jio apps, and unlimited internet at 128 Kbps post the exhaustion of high-speed data. The first cycle benefits are not valid for those who have opted for Summer Surprise Offer.

Rs. 309 Plan This plan will offer the subscribers with 3 months validity as the first cycle while offering 90 GB (1 GB/day) data. Subsequent recharge will fetch the subscribers with 30 GB (1 GB/day) data valid for a cycle of 1 month each.
Rs. 509 Plan This plan comes with a validity of 3 months with the first cycle and offer the users with 180 GB data (2 GB/day). Subsequent cycles will offer a total of 60 GB data (2 GB/day) valid for a month.
Rs. 999 Plan This plan carries no daily FUP and offers 180 GB for 3 months under first cycle benefits and unlimited internet access at 128 Kbps post the usage of high-speed data. Subsequent recharges will offer 60 GB high-speed data carrying 1-month validity.

Prepaid Plans

All prepaid plans offer unlimited voice to any number in India even during roaming, unlimited SMS, and a free subscription to Jio apps. The entry-level plans costing Rs. 19, Rs. 49, Rs. 96, and Rs. 149 offer more benefits to Jio Prime subscribers than to non-Prime subscribers. Similar to the postpaid plans, the first recharge benefits under the plans are not valid for Summer Surprise offer subscribers.

Rs. 19 Plan On recharging with Rs. 19, the Jio Prime subscribers will get 200 MB data valid for a day, while the non-Prime users will get 100 MB carrying a validity of 1 day.
Rs. 49 Plan Carrying a validity of 3 days, this plan offers Prime subscribers with 600 MB and 300 MB to non-Prime subscribers.
Rs. 96 Plan This plan offers a validity of 7 days along with unlimited internet @ 128 Kbps post the expiry of high-speed data. The prime members will get 1 GB/day (total of 7 GB) while the non-Prime members will have to make do with just 600 MB high-speed data.
Rs. 149 Plan This plan comes with a validity of 28 days and offers 2 GB high-speed data to Prime subscribers and 1 GB to non-Prime subscribers. All subscribers will also get 300 SMS with this plan.

Note: Rs. 149 plan doesn’t offer unlimited internet access and comes with no FUP too. You will be charged at regular tariff rates (0.25p/ 10 KB) after your exhaust the bundled (1 GB / 2 GB) data.

Note: All plans starting Rs. 309 offer unlimited internet access (restricted to 128 Kbps after the expiry of high-speed data), and unlimited SMS.

Rs. 309 Plan The first recharge benefits include a validity of 84 days and1 GB/day high-speed data. Subscribers will get a validity of 28 days on subsequent recharges and 1 GB/day high-speed data.
Rs. 509 Plan The plan offers first recharge benefits as 168 GB data for 84 days restricted to 2 GB/day high-speed data. Subsequent recharges will offer 56 GB data (2 GB per day) for 28 days.

Prepaid Plans Without Daily FUP

All plans starting Rs. 999 offer unlimited internet without any cap on the daily high-speed data. The internet speed will be capped at 128 Kbps post the exhaustion of bundled high-speed data.

Rs. 999 Plan First recharge benefits include 120 GB data with no daily cap valid for 120 days. The subsequent recharges will offer 60 GB data (without any daily cap) valid for 60 days.
Rs. 1,999 Plan This plan also doesn’t come with any daily cap on the amount of high-speed data that the subscribers can consume and offer unlimited internet at a reduced speed post that.

The first recharge benefits include 185 GB data for 150 days, while the subsequent recharges will offer 125 GB for 90 days.

Rs. 4,999 Plan On first recharge, the subscribers will get 410 GB data valid for 240 days, while the subsequent recharges will offer 350 GB data for 180 days.
Rs. 9,999 Plan This the most expensive prepaid plan that Reliance Jio is offering at the moment. The first recharge benefits are 810 GB data for 420 days while the subsequent recharges will come bundled with 750 GB data valid for 360 days.

 Which Is The Best Tariff Plan From Reliance Jio?

All heavy data users on a postpaid connection should go for either Rs. 509 or Rs. 999 plan. However, in order to get the maximum benefits from the bundled data, I would recommend that you go with Rs. 999 plan offering 60 GB (without any daily cap) data for a month.

The prepaid users who are wary of their budget must not opt for any plan less than Rs. 999, which is my personal favourite. The plan carries a validity of 60 days and offers 60 GB data without any daily cap on the high-speed data. This makes the plan cost just Rs. 500/month.

Kindly note that my opinion is based on my daily mobile data usage which comes out to 300-400 MB on a regular day and exceeds 2 GB/day when I am travelling. So while I can opt for any plan offering 1 GB/day, it becomes a pain for me to browse at 128 Kbps when I am travelling.

Do let us know which Jio plan would you opt for and why. Thanks for reading.

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