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Last updated: April 11, 2017 at 12:50 pm

Samsung to Sell Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 as Note 7R With a Smaller Battery!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 fiasco took a toll on the company with huge revenue losses. However, Samsung was strong enough to make a splash back with refurbished versions of the same phone.

According to a website in Vietnam, Samsungvn, Samsung is going to sell refurbished smartphone models this year, to compensate for the revenue losses. This is not a shocker since the whole fiasco post mortem resulted in Samsung blaming faulty batteries.

The photos that have emerged on the website show the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R will have a smaller battery at 3,200mAh, 300 units smaller than the original Note 7. Samsung is still testing the smartphone for any possible leaks before it officials releases the phone.

The settings menu in the phone point to a new ROM as well, which could be aligned to the ROM in Samsung Galaxy S8, which means a fresher UI and look to the phone, along with a smaller battery. The other internals remains intact.

In fact, Samsung has not even changed anything on the front side or the backside, the camera piece is same as Note 7, and the fingerprint scanner also remains on the front side. However, there are no virtual keys like in Samsung Galaxy S8.

There has not been any leak regarding the pricing and availability of this model, and we don’t know if it is going to come to India, but our country is not acceptant to refurbished smartphones, and Samsung might have to drastically cut the price to accommodate for that.

The expected price of the smartphone should be around $650 or Rs. 45,000, which seems decent considering Note 7 was an excellent smartphone, and the S-Pen is a feature all Note enthusiasts look forward to.

Smartphone critics have rated Note 7 in the top smartphones of 2016, despite all the battery issues, which means that the users will get a good value for money. It is also very responsible on Samsung’s part to examine the whole fiasco and not just discard all the phone to create an environmental hazard.

Would you purchase a refurbished Galaxy Note 7R knowing its history of catching fire?

Let us know in the comments below at what price point would you be convinced to purchase this phone in India.

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