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Govt Makes Aadhaar-PAN Linking Easier; ID Proof Scan & OTP Can Now Link PAN With Aadhaar

Govt Makes Aadhaar-PAN Linking Easier; ID Proof Scan & OTP Can Now Link PAN With Aadhaar

Effective July 31st, every citizen filing Income Tax returns will be required to have Aadhaar Card linked with their PAN Card. But as of now, only 1.08 crore Indians have linked their PAN Cards with Aadhaar Cards, and the numbers are dismal.

There are 112 crore Aadhaar card holders and 25 crore PAN Card holders. This means less than 1% of Aadhaar Cards and less than 4% of PAN Card holders have linked these two.

After the new Finance Bill was passed last week, Aadhaar has been made mandatory for filing Income Tax, and for that, PAN has to be linked with Aadhaar Card.

Issues While Linking PAN With Aadhaar

Last week, several reports emerged, highlighting the issues faced by people while linking their Aadhaar cards with PAN accounts. And the main issue arose due to name mismatch, and even inclusion of special characters in the names.

For instance, women, who have changed their names after marriage, and have different names in Aadhaar and PAN cards are not able to link them. Then, in case a person had initials before their name in PAN Card, and if the initials have been expanded in their Aadhaar card, then the interlinking becomes hard.

Or say if the name has special characters like D’Silva, because Aadhaar database doesn’t accept special characters, but PAN Card does.

Use ID Scan, OTP To Link Aadhaar With PAN

After lots of complaints emerged, Govt. of India has now made alternative provisions to link Aadhaar With PAN Card.

As per the new directives, if name mismatch is preventing the linking, then citizens can now upload a scanned copy of their PAN Card at the Income Tax portal to link Aadhaar card.

And, a unique OTP based method has also been launched, wherein the year of the birth will be authenticated by the user at the portal.

An official said, “In case the taxpayer is unable to link PAN with Aadhaar because of discrepancy in name, we are advising them to log into the Aadhaar website, request for a name change and upload a scanned copy of PAN card as supported proof. This is the simplest way to update name in Aadhaar and only the registered mobile number has to be functional,”

Explaining the OTP method, the official said, “We are also contemplating that when taxpayers with name discrepancy logs into the e-filing website for linkage, we will send OTP to the Aadhaar registered mobile number. The taxpayer can link PAN using the OTP. While generating the OTP, we will just check if the year of birth of the taxpayer in PAN card matches with the year given in the Aadhaar document..”

How to Link PAN Card with Aadhaar Card:

  1. First, register yourself with Income Tax department’s e-filing portal by entering your details on the website.
  2. If you are an already registered user, log in to e-filing portal by using your PAN as User ID, date of birth and password.
  3. A pop-up window will appear asking to link PAN card with your Aadhaar card.
  4. Enter your Aadhaar number; enter the ‘captcha’ code and click on ‘link now’.
  5. If you have decided to link Aadhaar with PAN later click on ‘later’ button.
  6. Now, in case after logging, there appears no popup window, then go to profile Setting and click on ‘link Aadhaar’.
  7. Simply enter your Aadhaar number, enter captcha code and click on ‘link Aadhaar’.
  8. Once the system matches your name, date of birth and gender with PAN card and Aadhaar database, you will receive the message “Aadhaar – PAN linking is completed successfully.”

Did you face any issue while linking Aadhaar with PAN Card? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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